FLASHBACK: Paddle Round The Pier 2019

Summer harmonica fun for all the family…
It was great to see so many harmonauts at Paddle Round The Pier 2019. We’re forever grateful to everyone who turned out; mums, dads, relatives and pets!

Paddle is Europe’s largest beach festival and our annual show is the perfect way to end the harmonica year. 2019 was extremely hot, but our harmonauts still blew the roof off. Dressed as Pirates and Sailors they were fantastic. Next year our dress code is Star Wars!

Solo and Paired Harmonica Learning Online

Harmonica Lessons At Home

While it is difficult to continue music lessons at school during the pandemic, Harp Academy offers solo and paired harmonica lessons online at home.

Zoom is the ideal audio platform for music making. Children find it a user friendly and enjoyable way to continue heir music education. If you’d like to try a lesson, just let us know and we’ll help you set up.

You can choose your favourite harmonica teacher and a mutually convenient lesson time. A solo half-hour is £15.00, or a paired half-hour is £10.00 per student.

All Harp Academy’s teachers are fully DBS checked and trained in safeguarding. To maintain safeguarding standards, we ask that a responsible adult is in attendance while we are online, children are dressed appropriately and bedrooms are out of bounds.

You can also join our free weekly group workouts with Richard Taylor. Details are in our post below.

Health & Safety Notice for Harmonica Activities

Covid Safe Harmonica
As we resume harmonica teaching in our schools this term, we will inform you by email and school bulletin. For our small groups and club scenarios, we respectfully ask that harmonauts and parents observe the following important safety requirements:

Covid-19 Health Declaration 
Please submit a health declaration form prior to your child’s first after-school harmonica club session (after-school harmonica club participants only). General safety guidelines for all our harmonica students and grown-ups are below… (more…)

Enrolments – Autumn 2020 (Post Oct Half Term)

Autumn 2020 
We are pleased to advise that Harp Academy is returning into schools in a limited capacity and in full adherence with safety criteria. For some schools however, it remains unlikely that we will return before new year 2021. Everything is subject to continued review, but we will post updates here, and on our members’ FaceBook page. We will also endeavour to send regular email bulletins.

Free weekly group tutorials this Autumn
We will not be producing pre-recorded YouTube lessons this term, instead Richard Taylor will be running free weekly tutorials for KS1 and KS2 on Zoom. Our group tutorials are 30 minutes each and will run for six weeks from 4th November. We will advise of any further developments as term progresses and when we eventually return to School, normal subscription arrangements will apply.

Zoom: 914-617-7410 058464
KS1 – Wednesdays 5.00-5.30pm [4.Oct / 11.Nov / 18.Nov / 25.Nov / 2.Dec / 9.Dec]
KS2 – Thursdays 5.00-5.30pm [5.Oct / 12.Nov / 19.Nov / 26.Nov / 3.Dec / 10.Dec]

Teaching Plan
Celebrating Diversity, we will be learning songs from around the world and investigating the musical element of Tempo. After October half term, we will continue these projects and also prepare seasonal pieces.


Covid-19 Safety Awareness

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

As our harmonauts return to school this Autumn, here’s Dr Dog with a short review and some good advice. We would also like to pass on these handy home-learning health and safety modules. They’re devised by the e-bug organisation and have been recommended via the UK Government website.

Microbe Mania
Hand Hygiene
Super Sneezes
Respiratory Hygiene
Antibiotic Awareness

Harp Academy will be returning to Schools after October half term break. Until we’re back, just remember: catch it, bin it, kill it, and wash your hands thoroughly!