Subs, summer dates, kit checks and more..

Summer harpin’ had me a blast..
If you wish to secure your place for the summer term, Thursday 15th March is our subscription renewal date. If you pay termly, the subscription rate remains £71.50. Payment can be made by BACS, or through the Store menu above. If you pay by monthly Standing Order, you can simply leave this ticking over. Further payment information is available here.

Summer Teaching Plan
Each term we pick a special musical theme and a musical element to study. This summer we’ll be looking into how dynamics add light and shade to music (loud, soft, crescendo, diminuendo) and working at improvisation and song writing. We’ll also be playing songs selected by our harmonauts with a view to a short performance at the end of term. And don’t forget Paddle Round The Pier Kids’ Stage on Sat 7.July!

Dates for your diary
We provide 10 sessions per harmonaut per term. You can check our summer lesson dates in the My School menu above. It’s a good idea to note these on your calendar at home and in your diary; we don’t always start back during the first week of school, and we often finish ahead of the last week of term.

Do you have all your basic kit?
Now is a good time to check through your harmonica kit. As a bare minimum, every student must have..

•  At least one working harmonica (KS1 4 hole Speedy, KS2 10 hole Airwave)
  A diary with 10 or more blank entries
  An A4 music folder

Items can be ordered individually, or as a Music Pack, using our online Store menu (no log in is necessary to access the Store). Alternatively, parents can also supply their own notebook and folder.