Paddle Round The Pier 2019 – Let’s Rock!

Summer harmonica fun for all the family…

Harp Academy children of all ages and ability are invited to join our annual blow out on the Performers’ Stage at this year’s Paddle Round The Pier festival on Hove Lawns, on Saturday 6th July, 1pm. This is a great opportunity to end our harmonica season by tooting in public and enjoying the wonderful activities on offer in the PRTP festival arena.

Entry is free for children, so bring your family and friends, and help us make a massive noise! We will rendezvous by the Peace Statue at 12.30pm on Hove Lawns and our dress code is Pirates of the Caribbean! There’ll be plenty of opportunity to play all your favourite pieces and create some extra special memories. Further details below..

I just wanted to thank you for organising the Paddle Round The Pier event; Edith loved taking part in the harmonica performance. We stayed next to the children’s stage for the rest of the day and both Edith and her sister Nell enjoyed watching, and taking part in, all of the subsequent performances on stage! It was our first time at the festival (despite living in Brighton & Hove for the last fifteen years). We’ll be going every year now!” Parent of Aldrington Primary

PRTP 2015 7

Let’s get out there and melt some faces!
Let us know your favourite pieces and we’ll include them in our set list. For our grand finale, we encourage everyone to learn When The Saints Go Marching In, at homeYou’ll find the practise page for this in our KS1 and KS2 Music Libraries, along with other songs you’d like to play. We will be taking photos of the event for use on the Harp Academy website, so big smiles!

Sat all iiHow to sign up
If you would like to join us, please register now by clicking the Golden Harmonica to the right. Complete your contact details, select PRTP and enter the piece(s) you would like to play in the text box at the bottom of the form, then submit. We will add you to our register and reconfirm all the arrangements a little bit closer to the time.

A fun day out for harmonauts, families and friends
PRTP really is a fabulous event with rides, stalls, activities and live music for all the family. VW VanAnd best of all, entry for children is totally FREE! All children receive an ID tag on entry. It all takes place on Hove Sea Front and, besides the water born events on the beach and the sporting attractions in the festival arena, PRTP supports music and performing arts of all kinds. There is a live music stage for adult bands and a performers’ stage for younger music groups and activities. The performers’ stage is adjacent to the Peace Statue on Hove Lawns. Register now, keep the date in your diary, grab your shades and come on down! For more information at