What We Do

Purple (No Slogan)PRTP 2015 11Overview

Harp Academy is an independent music service, promoting musical learning on the harmonica to children of 4 to 14 years. Our philosophy is, first and foremost, that music should be fun. Using a variety of animated activities, we ensure that every child feels included and relaxed from the start of each session.

We have golden rules of course, and there is a central scheme of work to each lesson, but creativity is paramount. Each term we combine a topic from the national curriculum with a musical theme from our expanding database. As an illustration, children might build knowledge, repertoire and performance skills in Funk, while investigating ‘the rhythm of the one’, song structure, texture and the Dorian mode. Older children can go on to develop skills in improvisation and songwriting, using our termly theme and the key skills they have harnessed.

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