Year 3-6 Music Library

Book 1

Drunken Sailor

Bobby Shafto


Eat Chocolate

I Want Candy

One Love

Shepherd’s Hey

South Australia



Can-Can (Offenbach)

Joy To The World (Handel)

Minuet in G (Petzold)

Ode To Joy (Beethoven)

Spring (Vivaldi)



Coming Round The Mountain

Galway Girl


Scarborough Fair

Shepherd’s Hey

Sky Boat Song

Whiskey In The Jar


Jazz & Blues

I Want Candy



Pop & Rock


Crazy in Love

I Should Have Known Better

Love Me Do

Louie, Louie

Low Rider

Octopus’s Garden

One Love


That’s The Way I Like It

Tom Hark (South Africa)

Uptown Funk

Yellow Submarine

You Don’t Love Me


Positional Playing

1st Position – Doe a Deer

2nd Position – I Want Candy

3rd Position – Scarborough Fair

4th Position – When Johnny Comes Marching Home

5th Position – Nights In White Satin

12th Position – Au Claire De La Lune


Rhythm Riot

Cock O’ the North (Jig)

La Cucaracha (Complex Time)

I Want Candy (Clave)

Low Rider (Poly-Rhythm)

Morning Has Broken (Waltz)

One Love (Reggae)

Tingalayo (Calypso)

Uptown Funk (Funk)

Tom Hark (Kwela)


Rounds & Mash Ups

Land of the Silver Birch / Canoe Song

Frère Jacques

London’s Burning

Three Blind Mice

When the Saints Go Marching In


Songs of the Sea

Blow The Man Down

Drunken Sailor

South Australia

Yellow Submarine


TV & Film

Scales and Arpeggios

Doctor Who

Jurassic Park

Star Wars

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Yellow Submarine


World Songs & Diversity

Au Claire de la Lune (France)

Cock O’ the North (Scotland)

La Cucaracha (Mexico)

Land of the Silver Birch / Canoe Song (Canada)

Muß I Denn (Germany)

One Love (Jamaica)

Tavaszi Azél Vizet Áraszt (Hungary)

Tom Hark (South Africa)

Sand Dance (Egypt)

Små Grodorna (Sweden)

Tingalayo (Trinidad)

When the Saints Go Marching In (USA)

Wimoweh (South Africa)

We All Laugh in the Same Language Diversity)


Polynesia & Australasia

Epo I Tai Tai E

Pokarekare Ana

South Australia

Waltzing Matilda


Easter & Mardi Gras

Eat Chocolate

Hot Cross Buns

Lord of the Dance

Morning Has Broken

Små Grodorna

Spring (Vivaldi)

When the Saints Go Marching In


Christmas & New Year

Auld Lang Syne

Eat Chocolate


Here We Come A-Wassailing

Jingle Bells

Joy To The World

O Holy Night

Santa Lucia

Silent Night

Små Grodorna

Somewhere Only We Know

We Three Kings


Special Occasions

Happy Birthday

Land Of My Fathers (Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau)


First Bends

Greensleeves (3D” and 4D’)

Low Rider (2D”)

You Don’t Love Me (6D’)