Summer Term 2024 – Time to Sign Up!

Summer 2024 
We launch our Summer harmonica learning and club activities from 15th April 2024 and we very much hope you will join us. Our rates and payment options have not changed. Details of our teaching plan and theme are below.

First timer?
Welcome! We offer all newcomers a free Taster Session, which includes a free starter harmonica to keep. Simply click the Golden Harmonica on our homepage, complete your details, and we will email further information. Our email and this website explain what to do after you taster session, but feel free to ask any questions!

Back for more?
Termly subscriptions are £75.00 (10 sessions) payable in advance. You can also pay in two half termly instalments of £40.00 (5 sessions), payable ahead of your first and sixth sessions respectively. We regret that we are unable to accept childcare vouchers.

Payment transfers can be made by BACS, or through our Store (no need to log in). We can also take payments over the phone if you experience any difficulty. We regret that we cannot Further information, including our account details, is available here.

Summer Teaching Plan
Our theme for the Summer term is music from Polynesia, Australasia and the Pacific – from Moana to Waltzing Matilda! Among our favourite tunes are Pokarekare Ana, Epo I Tai Tai E, I Lava You, Over The Rainbow, Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree, South Australia, and Waltzing Matilda.

Our special Musical Element this term is Tone. We’ll investigate how sound is made, how to identify the sounds of a variety of instruments in isolation and in context, and how to improve tone in our playing. We’ll also learn about soundwaves, sound frequencies, Hertz, the Ruben’s Tube and the Chladni Plate.

Dates for your diary
We provide 10 sessions per term. You can check lesson dates and times for your School in the My School menu. It’s good to note these on your calendar or in a diary; we don’t always start back during the first week of school and often finish before the end of term. Don’t get caught out!

Do you have all your basic kit?
Now is a good time to check  your harmonica kit. As a minimum, each student should have the following :

•  At least one working harmonica (KS1 4 hole Speedy, KS2 10 hole Airwave)
  A diary or notebook with blank entries and a pen
  An A4 music folder

New kit and harmonicas can be ordered in our online Store. No log in is required to browse or place orders. Please note that if you have taken part in sessions and are moving up to Y2, you need to order a 10 hole Suzuki Airwave harmonica for our Y3-6 programme. Grown ups are welcome to supply their own notebook, pen and folder. Alternatively items can be ordered individually, or as a Music Pack. We look forward to making music with you this term.