How To Pay

Lesson Payment Methods
By BACS online banking using our account details:
   Beneficiary Name: Harp Academy
   Account Number: 27231208
   Sort Code: 60 30 09
   Reference: your child’s first and last name

By credit/debit card using our Store lesson payments page
By credit/debit card over the phone by calling 07525 256954
Against PayPal invoice (issued on written request)

Childcare Vouchers
We regret that we are unable to accept childcare vouchers.

Lesson Subscriptions
Subscriptions are payable in advance termly, or half termly to suit your budget. Where payment is not received in advance, we will assume you no longer wish your child to participate.

Termly subscriptions
One payment of £75.00 in advance (10 half-hour group sessions) on the 1st September, 2nd January and 1st April as appropriate.

Half-Termly subscriptions
Two payments of £40.00 in advance (5 half-hour group sessions) on the 1st September and 15th October, 2nd January and 15th Feb, 1st April and 15th May as appropriate.

Monthly instalments
Owing to the amount of administrative time required to monitor and manage monthly payments, we regret that Harp Academy no longer provides this option.

1:1 tuition
Sometimes parents/carers request 1:1 tuition for their children. We are happy to organise this according to your school’s criteria. Some schools specify a set teaching rate, including room hire, which we have to follow. Usually, however, our own rates apply and lessons are payable half termly in advance against our invoice. Our 1:1 rates are:
•  30 minutes – £22.50 total per session
•  45 minutes – £30.00 total per session
•  60 minutes – £40.00 total per session

Paired tuition
We are also happy to organise private paired tuition, usually for siblings. Again, your school’s criteria may involve a set teaching rate, including room hire, which we have to follow. Where our own rates apply, lessons are payable half termly in advance against our invoice. Our paired lessons rates are:
•  30 minutes – £15.00 per student per shared session
•  45 minutes – £22.50 per student per shared session
•  60 minutes – £27.50 per student per shared session

Credit/Debit Card Payments
When making a credit/debit card payment through our Store, please add your child’s name to the PayPal contact address to help us reconcile your payment. There is no need to log in when paying through our website.

Music Pack
You should also budget a one-off cost of £29.99 for your music pack. This comprises a Tuff folder, a 4 hole and a 10 hole harmonica, your first music book with CD, music diary, pen and stickers. Further details are in our web Store here. If you provide your own kit, please note that Key Stage 2 children will still need to order a 10 hole Airwave harmonica to participate in our sessions.

Free First Lesson Free
When you join Harp Academy your very first lesson is always free. You can opt for a taster session before subscribing, or else sign up straight away and we will credit you the value of your first lesson. Either way, we provide a 4 hole starter harmonica and music sheet to get you going and the tuition for your first session is free of charge.

If you decide not to continue, you keep the harmonica with our compliments. If you do decide to continue, you keep the harmonica, but you will need to pay for our ongoing sessions in advance and invest in a Music Pack (see above). Please also note that while Key Stage 1 students continue to use the free starter harmonica after their taster, Key Stage 2 students will need to order one of our 10 hole Airwave harmonicas to participate in further sessions.


Can I join during the term?
Yes, as long as we have space! Click our Gold Harmonica to register and we will advise you right away. As outlined above, you can opt for a free taster session before committing, or else jump straight in and we will credit you the value of your first session. You can then choose to pay for the remainder of the term’s sessions in full, or in half-termly instalments.

If you choose to pay half-termly, you will need to cover the remaining lessons in the half term period you join, then organise ongoing half-termly instalments on the dates specified above. Full details are included in the confirmation email we send when you first register.

Cheques and Cash Payments
Harp Academy does not accept cash or cheque payments. 

Missed payment
Non-payment will be taken as confirmation that you no longer wish your child to participate in Harp Academy. We will be unable to include your child again until any arrears are settled, together with payment in advance for further sessions.

No Music iStopping lessons
You can stop lessons at any time. All we ask is one month’s notice. Please be aware, we are unable to recycle or refund instruments and equipment.