Can I Join Mid-Term?

Can I join during the term?
Yes of course, as long as we have space! Please start the process by clicking our Gold Harmonica and registering your interest. GOLD HARP iiDon’t worry, this won’t commit you to lessons initially, it just tells us you’d like to know more. Select the Free Taster Session option and your preferred colour of starter harmonica. We’ll then give you a quick call and forward our Taster Session confirmation email. This provides full details of your Free Taster, and an outline of how to subscribe afterwards, assuming you’re happy with all the arrangements.

Will my child be able to catch up with the others in the group?
We’ll run through the basics during your taster session and you’ll be given a sheet to practise with at home. We also have support pages on our website for our newcomers. It really doesn’t take long to learn the ropes and start participating with confidence. Let your harmonica teacher know if you’d like them to slow down or repeat anything, to help you get the hang of it; they’re always happy to help you.

Is there anything else I need to know about getting started?
Just that you’ll need a bit of basic kit – a notebook and an A4 music folder (non-ring binder). KS1 children can continue using their 4 hole taster harmonicas. KS2 children will need to invest in a 10 hole harmonica in C major. You can provide these yourself, or else order them as individual items or a Music Pack through our store.

Signing up
When you’ve had your Free Taster and you’re ready to proceed, here’s how subscriptions work: You can choose to pay for the remainder of the term in full, or by monthly Standing Order instalments. All payments are made in advance.

Termly payments
The balance amount for the term will be in our confirmation email. You can pay by PayPal in our store, BACS, or over the phone by card (we no longer handle cash or cheques). Further details are also on our How To Pay website page.

Monthly instalments
If you join before the 15th of the month (our monthly instalment due date), you will need to settle for the remaining lessons that month and then set up your Standing Order for the 15th of the month. As an example, someone joining on 1st September would settle their individual lesson payments for September, then arrange their advance monthly Standing Order to start on 15th September (advance contribution for October).

If you join after the 15th, you will need to settle for the remaining lessons that month and the following month, before setting up your Standing Order for the 15th of the following month. As an example, someone joining on 21st September would settle their session payments for September and October, then arrange their advance monthly Standing Orders to start on 15th October.