Lessons Structure

What happens in lessons?

As an independent music service, Harp Academy provides 10 lessons each complete term; a total of 30 lessons each academic year. Each lesson is 30 minutes long. Children learn in groups of 7-8 (school time), or 7-10 (after-school clubs). Each session begins with registration, collection of Music Diaries and a short warm up activity. Lessons are often, but not always, in Year or Key Stage groups.

The heart of the lesson includes key skill and repertoire learning, based on a termly scheme of work. This is often punctuated with musical games and musical element learning (e.g. dynamics, pitch, tempo, structure, texture, tone, duration, rests). The lesson ends with a short plenary session and an entry in Music Diaries for homework. Homework is reinforced with interactive modules on this website.

Responsibility for lesson attendance is jointly shared between Parents, Harp Academy and the Child’s School. We ask that you check lesson dates regularly, remind your child each week (ensuring they bring their equipment) and also remind their regular class teacher.