Golden Rules

There is a lot to pack into each Harmonica session. By following our Golden Rules everybody will make good progress and have more fun.

Here’s what we expect from every Harp Academy student:

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Respect your musical instrument and equipment:
•  Do not throw, damage or break your harmonica
•  Do not borrow or lend harmonicas
•  Bring your music folder and equipment to each lesson
•  Hand in your Music Diary at the start of each lesson

Respect your teacher and others:
•  Stop playing when your teacher asks you to
•  Raise your hand if you have a question
•  Raise your hand if you have the answer to a question
•  Listen when your teacher is talking or demonstrating
•  Listen when others are playing or speaking

Puzzled iRespect yourself:
•  If there’s something you don’t understand, tell your teacher
•  If we’re going too fast, tell your teacher
•  If you’re not having fun, tell your teacher
•  If you forget your equipment that’s ok. You can still join in
•  Mistakes are allowed – they’re our best teachers

Cover ears iThere are very few ways in which playing the harmonica can be dangerous. We should never throw our harmonica at anybody else as it could cause injury. We should also never blow our harmonica, or shout, into someone else’s ear. This may permanently damage their hearing. Be kind. Play safe.

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