Out Of School Alliance

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Harp Academy is a member of OOSA, the Out Of School Alliance. OOSA provides information and support to organisations such as Harp Academy, that run after school clubs, child care and other extra-curricular activities.

The Out of School Alliance (OOSA) was set up in August 2009 by Catherine Wrench, a childcare professional, and Clare Freeman, an internet consultant and childcare user. Catherine’s experience of setting up her out of school club showed that tracking down the necessary policies, procedures and forms was confusing and time consuming.

Together, Catherine and Clare brought everything together in one place, adding helpful step-by-step guides, advice and suggestions. They then started work on wider topics such as activity plans, recommended suppliers and tips for Ofsted inspections.

OOSA’s aim is to make the lives of those running out of school clubs that little bit easier, as well as improving the environment and quality of care enjoyed by children attending such clubs.