Quiz answers

Inside-a-10-hole-harmonica-150x150[1]QUIZ ANSWERS

Here are the answers to our How A Harmonica Is Made video quiz.

1. What metal is used to make harmonica reeds?
In the video they are made from brass. This the most popular metal used to make reeds. Reeds can also be made from steel and other metal alloys.

2. What is a comb?
It’s the middle of the harmonica. In the video, the combs are made of pear wood. On some harmonicas they are made of plastic, bamboo or even metal.

3. What is a reed plate?
It’s the flat metal plate with slots that each family of reeds is attached to.

4. How many reed plates does each harmonica have?
Two. One on each side of the comb. The top reed plate is for the blow notes. The bottom reed plate is for the draw notes.

Seydel 1847

5. Does a long reed make a low or high note?
It makes a low note. So the low notes in your harmonica come from longer reeds and the high notes come from shorter reeds.

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