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List of Contents

  • Subscriber log-in code for learning support web page access
  • Tuff zip music folder
  • Music Diary
  • Harmonica Map
  • Harp Academy lanyard (normally issued at free taster session)
  • 4 hole Speedy harmonica (normally issued at free taster session)
  • 10 hole Airwave harmonica*
  • Pen
  • Sticker

Details of contents

Subscriber log-in
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Tuff Folder
Starter Packs are issued in a durable A4 Tuff zipper folder to keep all your equipment and music together. Children should bring their pack to each lesson. The pack contents are listed above, and may include added harmonica promotional give-aways, such as stickers and catalogues, when available.

Music Diary
This is the essential piece of kit for all Harp Academy students. It’s where we record your mission at the end of each lesson and students must bring it along each week. It’s also where parents can check their child’s progress and add their own message for their Harp Academy teacher.If a Music Diary is lost or completed, a new one should be ordered to ensure continuity of learning. Your Music Diary gives essential information regarding our behaviour for lessons, practise tips and guide to registering on the Harp Academy website. There is also space for song composition and music games for rainy days, such as Word Search. Music Diaries are a vital link between Harp Academy and parents.

4 hole harmonica
The 4 hole Hohner Speedy harmonica is ideal for getting started on the harmonica. It has the eight notes of the C Major scale and wider hole spacing for easy navigation. Colour Speedy Yellowoptions are Black, Blue, Pink or Yellow (subject to availability) and your first musical exercise is printed right on top, where it can’t be lost. If you have a Free Taster Session, we will bring your 4 hole harmonica to School with your lanyard attached. When you order your Music Pack, simply add the Speedy and lanyard to your folder and bring everything to each lesson. We do not include a second Speedy harmonica.

Suzuki Airwave10 hole harmonica
By the end of Y2, children are usually keen to graduate to their first 10 hole harmonica. We use the Suzuki Airwave as this is a sturdy, well-engineered instrument, with familiar wide hole spacing for early learners. The additional channels facilitate a wider range of repertoire, technique development and spacial awareness. This provides a good foundation for progress towards a standard metal 10 hole harp. Colour options are Orange, Red or Blue.

Your Harp Academy lanyard is for attaching to your 4 hole Speedy harmonica to prevent the harmonica from being dropped. The lanyard comes with a standard quick release safety clasp. If you received this at your Free Taster Session, keep it attached to your 4 hole Speedy harmonica and add both to your music pack. We do not include a second lanyard in your pack.

Music Sheets/Books
Children start their journey learning traditional tunes, as these are already familiar to many. As they progress into KS2, we explore a wider range of material from TV and film, to classical, folk, rock, reggae and charts hits. Your Harp Academy teacher will also have their own tried and tested favourites. Music sheets are issued by Harp Academy teachers as new songs are introduced and can be kept in your folder. Parents/Carers can also download and print these from the support pages in our key stage music libraries.

Harp Map 10h iHarmonica Map
Our harmonica maps for 4 hole and 10 hole harmonica are the ideal reference guide for understanding the layout of the diatonic harmonica. Each map comes in two parts. Firstly, a colour coded block chart mapping blow notes, draw notes, standard bends and overbends. Secondly, a more detailed diagram, showing note names and their respective positions .

Silver Star*10 hole harmonica
For KS3 and more confident KS2 players, we can provide a Hohner Silver Star metal harmonica instead of the Suzuki Airwave. There is no extra cost and the note arrangement is exactly the same. Children will benefit from fast-tracking their embouchure development and adopting a ‘grown up’ harmonica sooner.