Hanna Burchell

Hanna 1Harmonica Tutor

Hanna’s warm personality, distinctive singing voice and guitar accompaniment make her a popular teacher amongst our younger groups. Her speciality is working with children on improvisation.

Hanna provides teaching support across all our Schools when her Harp Academy colleagues are touring.

Hanna is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a wealth of experience on the stage, touring and in the studio. In her professional work, Hanna’s original compositions encompass a range of styles, from soulful ballads to uptown grooves. Here she is playing one of her own songs called I’m In Everything.

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With her biggest touring band Pan, Hanna has played the Brighton Centre, London’s Brixton Academy, the Edinburgh Festival, the Éstandard club in Barcelona, the Jazz stage at Glastonbury and also supported Jamiroquai.