Harmonica Lessons Are Still On!

Operation Overblow – online harmonica lessons at home
With UK schools closed until further notice, Harp Academy is currently delivering any remaining March sessions in pre-recorded virtual format via YouTube. Links will be emailed, so that students and parents can access remaining lessons in safety at home. This is the first phase of Operation Overblow.

We are also aware that the excitement of staying at home will fade, so we will do what we can to bring harmonica music-making and remote learning into your home through the Easter holiday period, and into the Summer.

Summer term harmonica lessons are ongoing
Many of you are asking about ongoing lessons for the Summer term, and this is where phase two of Overblow kicks in. We are pre-recording courses of ten 30 minute online lessons for KS1 and KS2 subscribers respectively, which we will roll out week by week via YouTube in line with our published Summer schedule. Using our weekly link, you can download and complete each lesson immediately or work through in bite size chunks, and you can re-use the link as many times as you need. This programme will continue for as long as lockdown measures are in place and our Summer schedule is underway. As schools re-open, we will return to the classroom to complete our programme. The Summer schedule for each school is published in our  My School menu.

How and when do I sign up for the Summer lessons?
We’re accepting your subscriptions right now in the usual way, either for the whole term in one go, or through advance monthly instalments. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up. If you have a monthly standing order arranged, you can leave this ticking over and we will include you in our weekly lesson links. If you pay termly, please transfer your subscription by the end of the Easter holiday period to be included. Full subscription details are set out on our How To Pay page.

And much more there shall be
In addition to our prerecorded courses, Will Wilde and Richard Taylor will go Live at Five each Friday on YouTube with their interactive programme of musical mayhem. This is when you can ask all your burning questions, add comments and suggestions, and enjoy top tips straight from our Jedi harmonica masters. Check out our Live at Five post below, with links to our very first pie-tastic broadcast.

May the force be with you
Welcome to the Treble Alliance and thank you for your support. We look forward to sharing happy sounds in cloudy times with as many children as possible.

Moments of Mischief

Music and mayhem Live at Five

Thanks to everybody who joined our pilot YouTube broadcast. Although we experienced a technical hiccup ten minutes in, we did manage to get up and running again. For anyone who didn’t catch the full broadcast, you can click the links below.

And here’s our first Live at Five Rogues Gallery. From our Moments of Mischief, George is pulling a magnificent monkey face, while Atti is cocking a snook and blowing a raspberry. A proper pair of cheeky chipolatas.

For the uninitiated, our first two Moments of Mischief involved pulling faces and blowing raspberries at your harmonica teacher. Unlike sessions at School, you can’t be seen by the teacher during our broadcast, and it’s something every harmonaut would love to do!

So to the grand finale enjoyed by all; even Will. A custard pie in the mush for Richard! A Moment of Mischief if ever there was one. Ida certainly thought so!

Keep an eye out for the next YouTube code, which we’ll be emailing you this week. If you missed our pilot broadcast, here are the links. We hope you enjoy them and we look forward to seeing you for more music and mayhem on Live at Five No.2!

Part 1      Part 2

Live YouTube Webcast – Don’t Miss It!

Harp Academy Live, 5pm-6pm every Friday on YouTube

Following our pilot broadcast on Fri 20th March 2020, Richard and Will will be going Live at Five on YouTube for you every Friday evening as part of Operation Overblow. Overblow is our programme for online harmonica music-making during the Corona virus lockdown. Further details are published here on our homepage.

To join us, simply click the link we email you each week.

School may be out, the nation may be in lock down, but we’ll be here to blow away the Corona blues. Come and say hello, post your comments and questions, and we’ll share top tips, great songs for 4 hole and 10 hole harmonicas and our regular Moments of Mischief.

While we are live, and with safeguarding in mind, please note:

•  We will be broadcasting direct from Harp Academy HQ
•  This is a private link only available to Harp Academy subscribers
•   Make sure an adult is present while you are watching our stream
•   We won’t be able to see you, so pull as many faces as you like
•   Richard and Will have full DBS and safeguarding training
•   We’ll be finished in time for Crackerjack. 

See you online Live at Five!

Oops, I Forgot My Harmonica!

Oops iHow to join in, even if you forget your harmonica

Don’t worry, we all forget things from time to time. You may feel disappointed, but you are still on our register and you should come along to your harmonica session just the same. Although we can’t lend you a harmonica because this may pass on germs, we do have plenty of ways you can still join in musically.

The first question to ask yourself is, when did I last see my harmonica? It might still be in your book bag, a coat pocket or in your classroom drawer. You’d be amazed how easily this can happen, so have a quick think. If it’s definitely not at school, there is still plenty we can learn and enjoy, even without a harmonica. Here’s how… (more…)

Dates for Your Diary

With two Christmas Blow Out sessions at The Alex Children’s Hospital last December, and a full house at Harpin’ By The Sea‘s very first Junior Workshop at the start of February, everyone’s clearly enjoying our anniversary performance schedule. A huge thank you to all who have taken part so far…

And there’s plenty more to enjoy this year. On Sat 23rd May, our harmonauts have been invited to perform for the first time at the Brighton Festival‘s flagship event, Our Place, at the Hangleton Community Centre.

Then, on Sat 4th July, we return to Paddle Round the Pier for our end of year Summer Blow Out. It’s a huge favourite, so sign up fast and get your Star Wars and Space Alien costumes ready!

And finally, any harmonauts who would like to take part in the National Harmonica Festival music competition, can join us on Sat 10th October in Birmingham. Harp Academy has a very proud record in this department, having coached seven Junior National Harmonica Champions since 2011. Check out our Roll of Honour here. In each case, entrants played something they’d enjoyed learning at School and, with some extra coaching from Will or Richard, jumped up on stage and shone.

Whether you’d like to give the competition a go, or help us create more wonderful memories by entertaining in public, we’d love you to get involved. To register your interest, simply click the Gold Harmonica on our home page. We’ll add you to our cast and contact you with further details nearer the time.