Paddle Round The Pier Kids Stage – Sat 1st July 2017

Play harmonica in public and have fun with all the family!

Please make a note in your diary for this summer. Harp Academy have once again been invited to play their harmonicas on the Kids’ Stage at the annual Paddle Round The Pier Festival on Hove lawns. The invitation is open to our harmonauts of all ages and ability.

This is an ideal day out for families and a chance for harmonauts to experience playing in public on a big stage. Entry is free and there is heaps of family entertainment to enjoy, from water-born events, to rides, food stands, and the main music stage. If you can’t stay after we’ve played on Saturday, the festival continues on Sunday (although we’re only playing on Saturday).

We will assemble at the Peace Statue on Hove lawns at 12.30pm on Saturday 1st July, ready to play on stage for an hour from 1-2pm. Our dress code is Starburst & Smarties, so don’t forget to bring your harmonica and dress in one bright colour of your choice. Further details are on our dedicated event page here.

Please register by clicking our Golden Harmonica and selecting Paddle Round The Pier. You can list the songs you’d like to play, and we’d like you to learn When The Saints Go Marching In, so that you can join in our grand finale. It’s in all music libraries and here on our home page (scroll back to previous entries).

SPECIAL OFFER – Earn 2 Free Lessons

Recommend a friend and receive 2 lessons free!
We all enjoy learning with our best friends, don’t we? Well this includes music making on the harmonica. If you have a friend who might be interested in a Free Taster Session, just ask them to click the Golden Harmonica (on the right of the screen), and register using our promotional code harmonaut. Special OfferWe’ll supply their starter harmonica and music sheet completely free. And if your friend decides to join Harp Academy for a complete term (9 further lessons), we will credit you with two free lessons. That’s all there is to it!

Evie’s Dog Song

M A X my dog is Max

We had great fun music making with Evie Peak this week. Evie’s in Reception Year and had started to write her own song at home. It’s about her pet Pug, Max. By the end of her lesson, Evie finished her tune and it goes like this..

Listen to

When we talked about Max and what he does, it helped us to make up some words for Evie’s song. You can learn to play Evie’s tune here line by line, and maybe sing along too. You can also download and print the Arrow Tab here if you need to.  (more…)

Summer Teaching Plan

Here’s what we’re up to this term..

Newcomers in KS1 will continue to explore tunes and related exercises from our KS1 Book 1. Support materials and music are available on our KS1 Music Library subscriber pages. Where appropriate, these pieces will be linked to our musical element this term, which is dynamics.

With help from their Harp Academy teacher, KS2 children will work on their favourite pieces from our Music Library. They will also be encouraged to explore improvisation and compose their own pieces. KS2 children will investigate dynamics too.

Listen to

Musical element
What are dynamics? Children will learn how to create light and shade by using soft and loud sounds. They will learn the associated notation terms and also how we move from one dynamic level to another. Further details are available in our subscriber KS1 and KS2 Musical Elements (dynamics) page. (more…)

Harmonica KS1 to KS3 – a Case Study

Reasons to be cheerful

This is Ewan McCauley from Aldrington School. Aldrington was the first school Harp Academy ever worked with and Ewan was one of our first students. Here he is to tell you about his journey.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in KS1, KS2 or KS3, if you would like to try the harmonica for yourself we can help. Just click the Gold Harmonica at the side of the screen and let us know. Alternatively, send us a message through the Contact page in our main menu and we’ll be more than happy to lend hand.