Spring Special – Eat Chocolate!

Eat chocolate, la-na-la-na-na

This fun song is the result of a songwriting project with children at All Saints CE Primary School in Horsham, West Sussex. They wanted to create something new and the theme they hit on was chocolate! It wasn’t long before the main riff was finished.

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Harp Academy teacher Ben Jones added an infectious Salsa backing track to the riff, from which a fabulous chugging section also emerged. The song can be played at any time of the year, however the theme lends itself to Easter and Christmas celebrations.

Let’s play the tune on our harmonica. The purple notes are for 4 hole harmonicas. The orange notes are for 10 hole harmonicas. The number is the hole you need to play. B is breathing out (Blow) and D is breathing in (Draw). Work through the ostinato and chug sections below, then try to play along to the complete track at the bottom of the page. The ostinato is suitable for 4 hole and 10 hole harmonica. The chug however, only works on a 10 hole harmonica. (more…)

Sample Lesson – The Saints

Mardi Gras Harlequin Mask iI want to be in that number

It’s time to learn some traditional jazz on the harmonica! Here’s a song that everybody will recognise. It’s called When The Saints Go Marching In. That’s a long name, so we’ll shorten it to The Saints.

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The Saints started life as an American gospel hymn that was sung quite slowly. Once the Jazz Bands of New Orleans got hold of it though, they really made it swing! (more…)