Doh a deer!

Laughing ChildrenHarmonica Lesson Outtakes
Today we were learning about the notes in the musical alphabet and the C major scale. Like the days of the week, the colours in the rainbow and the continents of the world, we learned there are seven letters in the musical alphabet; A B C D E F and G. We also learned that if we start the alphabet on C, the order is C D E F G A and B. Olives iBut when we only play these seven notes, the sequence sounds incomplete; like singing Do Re Mi Fa Sol La and Ti.

When we add an eighth notes, another C, the pattern of the major scale is complete. ‘So what do we call the distance from the first note in the major scale, to the eighth note in the major scale?‘ asked the teacher. No reply. ‘It begins with O, like octopus, octagon and October‘ the teacher prompted. ‘I know, I know‘, said Jake, ‘it’s called an olive‘.