Sheet Music

Sheet Music 4Down the road someone is practising scales,
The notes like little fishes vanish with a wink of their tails Louis MacNeice

Folders 6

Children joining Harp Academy receive a Tuff zip bag for their equipment, which includes a Music Diary and Music Book. Once early key skills are mastered however, and the first music book is finished, we move on to sheet music and harp tabs. Harp tabs are usually issued by our teachers, but they can also be downloaded and printed off at home using the link on each of our Music Library pages. This system affords our teachers the flexibility they need to inspire each group, and freedom to choose fun, topical items for seasonal performances.

It can also mean that as term progresses, children build up a collection of musical paperwork. With this in mind, we would ask parents to help our harmonauts assemble their paperwork in a simple folder; one that will slip readily into their Tuff Folders 3 zip bag. A clear-pocket folder is the simplest solution. This will help us dedicate more time to music-making, and less time paper-chasing. As children move through the key stages, old papers can be kept at home and replaced with current material. Sheet A4 Tiger Tuff Bag music and harmonica tabs will inevitably remain part of the way we operate. So, on behalf of your Harp Academy teacher, thank you for helping us maximise children’s music-making time!