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Definitive 1 (FOR WEBSITE)September subscriptions
We very much hope you¬†would like to continue learning harmonica next month. If you have a standing order set up, simply¬†leave it¬†ticking over. Your transfer of ¬£16.75 on 15th August was¬†the advance subscription for September. If you pay termly, or manually Bank of Mum and Dad ieach month, please secure your place by transferring¬†now!¬†Although some¬†places¬†may be¬†available when term starts,¬†signing up now¬†will guarantee your place¬†and we won’t need to chase up.

Girl and tablet iSeptember dates
We very much look forward to continuing the harmonica this autumn, with some great new themes. We start back the week beginning 12th September 2016. This gives us six sessions up to October half-term and four sessions afterwards. It also leaves time for rollover dates and seasonal performances.

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Tingalayo [Sample Lesson Page]

Girl with laptop and headphones iHome learning with Harp Academy

Many of the key skills and music pieces we¬†teach at School are supported by¬†fun learning pages¬†on our website. These¬†are ideal for practise at¬†home, and include wider learning topics¬†to¬†add to children’s musical experience and general knowledge.

Using your subscriber log-in, you can enjoy exploring the Music Libraries we have developed for each Key Stage from the menus above (KS1, KS2, KS3). Music pages include a step-by-step audio guide to help you learn your chosen¬†piece, harmonica tab and a backing track to play along to. You can also print off tabs and there are often short video items to support a¬†special¬†aspect of your chosen piece. Here’s an example of¬†our favourite Calypso song, Tingalayo. Continue reading

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Harmonica Dates

Calendar iHarp Academy Teaching Dates

Our teaching schedule is¬†advertised¬†in the¬†My School¬†menu above. It’s a good idea to check this regularly and keep¬†a note, particularly as each term starts and ends.¬†Parents should be aware that we run 10 termly sessions each; which means our harmonica programme¬†often¬†finishes ahead of your¬†school’s term. This is standard for music services. It means we’re out of the way during the busiest times at School. If you appear¬†to be missing our regular bulletins and¬†reminders regarding dates and subscription renewals,¬†please check that our information is reaching your in-tray and not languishing silently¬†in a spam folder!

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SPECIAL OFFER – 2 Free Lessons

Special OfferRecommend a friend and receive 2 lessons free!
We all¬†enjoy learning with our¬†best friends, don’t we? Well this includes music making on the harmonica. If you have a friend who might be interested¬†in a Free Taster Session, just ask them to¬†click¬†the Golden Harmonica (on the right of the screen), and register using¬†our promotional¬†code harmonaut. We’ll supply their starter harmonica and music sheet completely free. And if¬†your¬†friend decides to¬†join Harp Academy for a complete term (9 further lessons), we will credit you with¬†two free lessons. That’s all there is to it!

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