Paddle Round The Pier 2017 – What A Turn Out!

Harmonica fun for all the family!

A massive thank you to all the harmonauts, parents, carers, family and friends who joined us at Paddle Round The Pier on Hove Lawns this year. Your involvement made the event a huge success. Over thirty harmonauts joined us on stage, from all our schools across Sussex county. This is unprecedented and real tribute to the fun that can be had making music on the humble harmonica and coming together to perform on a big stage in public.

We hope everyone took away some extra special memories from our performance and had time to enjoy the fantastic attractions at this wonderful annual festival. Thank you from all the Harp Academy team – we look forward to more top tooting in the Autumn!


Sample Lesson – The Saints

Mardi Gras Harlequin Mask iI want to be in that number

It’s time to learn some traditional jazz on the harmonica! Here’s a song that everybody will recognise. It’s called When The Saints Go Marching In. That’s a long name, so we’ll shorten it to The Saints.

Listen to

The Saints started life as an American gospel hymn that was sung quite slowly. Once the Jazz Bands of New Orleans got hold of it though, they really made it swing! (more…)

Earlybird Saving for Autumn Term 2017

Changes to our subscription rates
For the first time in five years, Harp Academy subscription rates will be rising. This is to help manage the cost increases we have recently seen from our suppliers and partners.

From 16th August 2017, our new our new monthly instalment rate will be £18.75, and our termly subscription rate will be £71.50. This is a modest increase, but we’d like to help soften the impact…

..a small thank you to our loyal subscribers
If you pay for the new Autumn Term in full before 16th August 2017, our 2016-17 termly subscription rate will still apply. The new termly rate outlined above will apply when you subscribe for 2018.

If you pay by monthly standing order through your bank, we will hold the 2016-17 monthly rate for your transfers on 15th August and 15th September 2017. The new monthly rate outlined above will apply to your 15th October 2017 standing order instalment, and all subsequent standing order instalments. We regret we are unable to offer a honeymoon period for monthly instalments paid through PayPal.

Customer Survey

We’d like to hear from you

As we draw towards the final lessons of the year, we’d like to thank you for participating in Harp Academy. We are also keen to hear about how we’ve been doing.

We are therefore inviting all our harmonica gown ups to complete a short survey by clicking on the green and red icon in this post. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

My Boy Lollipop

Laughing ChildrenHarmonica Lesson Outtakes
Today in class we were working on Tingalayo, an infectious calypso song from Trinidad. You can check out our First Steps in Calypso page here.  Anyone who knows the song Under The Sea from Disney’s Little Mermaid animation, will know how much fun a calypso can be. ‘So what do we call this kind of music form the Caribbean?’ asked the teacher. No reply. ‘We learnt the name last week, it starts with C and ends with O and it’s sunshine music‘ the teacher prompted. ‘I know, I know‘, said Chester, ‘it’s a Calippo‘.