Spring Schedule

Welcome back! Here’s what we’re up to this term..

Newcomers in KS1 will continue to explore the tunes and related exercises in our KS1 Book 1. Support materials and music are available on our KS1 Music Library subscriber pages. These pieces will be linked with our musical element this term, which is Texture.

With help from their Harp Academy teacher, KS2 children and returning KS1 children will select rounds to play and also music from our TV & Film selection. Once again, these pieces will be linked with our musical element this term, which is Texture.

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Musical element
What is musical Texture? With help from their Harp Academy teacher, children will learn about ways in which music can be layered for greater effect. This can be achieved through harmony, playing in rounds, playing in parts, call and response and looping. Further details are available on our subscriber KS1 and KS2 Musical Elements (Texture) subscriber page.

We will select popular pieces from our TV and Film selection. This is a great way of developing technical and musical skills, while enjoying the choice of material from a personal perspective. Examples include Titanic, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Doctor Who, Wallace & Gromit and Shaun The Sheep. There are many more.

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Technical skills
This term we will focus on playing octaves. For 4 hole harp players this is simply involves an understanding of the concept of notes being eight tones, or thirteen semitones apart, and that octave notes play in unison. For ten hole harp players this involves not only understanding the theoretical basis for octaves, but also developing the ability to play two notes an octave apart simultaneously, using tongue blocking technique

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Harpin’ By The Sea


Saturday 3rd Feb 2018, 9.30am-5.15pm

The Brunwick arts and music bar in Hove

HBTS is an ideal opportunity for grown ups to learn the dark art of harmonica playing. It’s also a chance for grown ups and juniors to spend the day together and create some fun musical memories.

There are workshops for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced players, a lunchtime prize draw, early evening jam session and trade stands. The venue has free wifi and great food too. Full details are on the HBTS website. Turn up. Dig it. Tell ALL your friends.



We are the Champions my friends

Well done to Tom Coleman and Callum Shuttlewood, who won their respective categories at this year’s National Harmonica Festival Music Competition in Bristol.

Tom performed Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) by Solomon Linda in the melodic section. Meanwhile, Callum finished the day’s schedule with Avicii’s Wake Me Up. They both showed immense strength of character by delivering two highly entertaining and very musical solo performances.

A big well done also goes to the family members who turned out to support our intrepid harmonauts.

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We all enjoy learning with our best friends, don’t we? Well this includes music making on the harmonica. If you have a friend who might be interested in a Free Taster Session, just ask them to click the Golden Harmonica (on the right of the screen), and register using our promotional code harmonaut. Special OfferWe’ll supply their starter harmonica and music sheet completely free. And if your friend decides to join Harp Academy for a complete term (9 further lessons), we will credit you with two free lessons. That’s all there is to it!

Elvis has left the building.. in the wrong bag

All Shook Up!
Harp NamedFrom time to time we receive messages about lost property. At the end of our harmonica sessions, instruments and items from music folders can easily be left behind, so remember to take a quick look round before you leave.

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Most importantly, every harmonaut should write their name on everything in their music pack. When things do go missing, it’s often because someone has inadvertently picked up and packed somebody else’s kit!