SPECIAL OFFER – 2 Free Lessons

Special OfferRecommend a friend and receive 2 lessons free!

Children enjoy taking part in activities when¬†their best friends are involved. This includes music making on the harmonica. If you know¬†someone who may be interested¬†in joining Harp Academy, ask them to register for a Free Taster Session using the Golden Harmonica to the right¬†and¬†our promotional¬†code harmonaut. We’ll supply their starter harmonica and music sheet. If they¬†already have a diatonic harmonica in C Major, they can bring this to their taster session too. If¬†your¬†friend subsequently¬†joins Harp Academy for a complete term (1 taster session and 9 further lessons), we will credit you¬†two free lessons.

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Subscriber Log-In

Backstage PassAccess all areas

For our paid-up Harp Academy students and parents, we provide a subscriber username and password that gives access to all our useful and fun information. Much of this supports our classroom learning and it provides a very effective resource for home study and practise. If you have lost your subscriber log in, or have only just joined Harp Academy, send us an email mentioning your child’s name and school, and we will forward you our special username and password.¬†To log in, click Subscriber Log In¬†in the top corner of the screen, to the right of our logo, enter the subscriber code words and enjoy your VIP backstage pass!

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Harmonica Dates – Autumn Term 2015

Calendar iHarp Academy Teaching Dates

Our teaching dates are advertised¬†in the My School¬†menu above. It’s a good idea to check these regularly and make a note on your family calendar, or in your diary. Parents should be aware that we run 10 sessions each term; which means our lesson¬†schedule usually¬†finishes before the¬†school’s end of term. This is standard for music services. It also means we’re out of the way during busier times at School. If you seem to miss¬†our regular¬†email-reminders regarding dates and subscription renewals,¬†please check that our information is reaching your in-tray and not sitting quietly¬†in a spam folder!

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Summer Competition Winner

Nathaniel Bubloz ACE 1 iWe’ve all been¬†on a summer holiday!

The summer holidays are once again behind us and we’re all starting as new year at¬†school. Hopefully you managed to¬†capture¬†some happy holiday memories in photos¬†and¬†on¬†video. Every summer we invite parents and harmonauts to send us a snapshot from their holiday, or from somewhere unusual, with a harmonica featured. This year’sMarine Band Crossover¬† winner is Nathaniel from Aldrington. His Grandma took some excellent shots¬†of their day¬†out at the Natural History Museum in London. This was our favourite ¬†dynoharptastic photo. Nathaniel wins a brand new Hohner Crossover harmonica. Congratulations Nathaniel and well done Grandma!

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Paddle Round The Pier 2015

Paddle Round The Pier 2015 iSummer Tooting, had me a blast!

“I just wanted to thank you for organising the Paddle Round The Pier event; Edith loved taking part in the harmonica performance.We stayed next to the children’s stage for the rest of the day and both Edith and her sister Nell enjoyed watching, or taking part in, all of the subsequent performances on stage! It was our first time at the festival (despite living in Brighton & Hove for the last fifteen years). We’ll be going every year now!”¬†Parent of Aldrington Primary School.

A great big thank you, and well done, to all the harmonauts and parents who joined us on the PRTP 2015 5seafront in Hove for Paddle Round The Pier, and to celebrate 4th July!¬†We had players from Woodingdean Primary, Aldrington Primary, Hove Juniors and St Nicolas & St Mary’s, Shoreham. It was a gloriously sunny lunchtime and a real privilege to see our harmonauts giving so much pleasure and entertainment to others.

PRTP 2015 7The day’s repertoire included Summertime, Twinkle, South Australia, Tingalayo, Blow The Man Down, Ode To Joy, Drunken Sailor, Wimoweh, When The Saints, Bobby Shafto, and Somewhere Only We Know, all of which were played to backing tracks ably engineered by our new team member, Lee Sheers.

PRTP 2015 11Shortly before the performance, our trio from Hove Juniors, Ethan, Tor and Alex, busked outside the Festival area , complete with upturned hat; they covered their bus fare home in very short order! Impressive stuff, and all in the spirit of our summer tooting celebration. Meanwhile on the PRTP 2015 4Kids’ Stage, the guys gave a great a capella rendition of The Wallace & Grommit Theme, which was only equalled by a gutsy a capella solo performance of¬†Jump Down Turnaround, by Delphy from Woodingdean. Go Delphy!

Thanks to Nathaniel, Logan, Edith, Delphy, Tor, Ethan and Alex for giving us a great show. Thanks also to all the mums, dads, sisters, brothers, grand parents and friends who came to support our effort. Huge thanks also to Lee for being our sound engineer, to Réka for organising the Kids Stage and to the festival organisers for letting us loose in public. Have a great summer everyone!

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Blowing Up Your Harmonica

Laughing ChildrenDuring our lesson today, we were looking at arrow tab with some KS1 children. The teacher asked what a white, down-arrow meant. Ryan answered, ‘it means it’s a draw note, so you have to breathe in.’ Right answer! The teacher then asked what a black up-arrow meant. ‘I know’, answered Jessica, ‘it means you have to blow up.’

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Oops, I Forgot My Harmonica!

Oops iHow to join in, even if you forget your harmonica

Firstly, please don’t worry – everyone forgets things from time to time. As you are on our register and part of our group, we still want you to¬†come along and you can still join in. But before we get started, think very hard. When did you last see your harmonica? Perhaps you did remember it after all, but you just can‚Äôt remember where you put it!¬†You‚Äôd be amazed how often we discover harmonicas¬†in school¬†bags or class room drawers. So have a quick think. If it’s still not there, that’s ok, let‚Äôs look on¬†our time together as a music lesson, not just a harmonica lesson. There is plenty to learn, even without a harmonica and you’ll certainly understand what we’ve covered. Here are some ideas for joining in, which we’ve used lots of¬†times. Continue reading

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Crazy In Love [Sample Lesson]

Disco 4Got me lookin’ so crazy right now

Time to use your harmonica like a horn player! And here’s a great place to start. Crazy In Love was written by Beyonc√© and¬†Jay-Z. The song is a mixture of hip-hop, funk and jazz styles, but for us the crucial part is the line played by the brass section.

Listen to

The line we’re interested in was borrowed from a 1970 song by the Chi-Lites called Are You My Woman (Tell Me So). Everyone recognises it, which is why¬†we call¬†it a hook. You can check it out here.¬†There are just two patterns to master, so grab your C harmonica and let’s nail this thing…

Continue reading

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Boy with ballGive me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown

Improvisation is something that can be quite daunting at first. How do you start? What should you do? The simple answer is anything you feel like, but for some, a blank page can be a huge challenge. At the outset, many of us need guidance on how to improvise. This is an important foundation for future enjoyment and freedom of expression.

Listen to
Two of our team were teaching a KS2 group in Hove last week. It was the children’s¬†first lesson of the Spring term.¬†The first HA teacher started a simple¬†chug, or¬†riff,¬†on his 10 hole harmonica, while the second HA teacher punctuated this pattern with two¬†simple¬†chords, or¬†vamps..

Continue reading

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Why Play Harmonica?

From our testimonial page..

My daughter had a terrible night with a cold and she only went to school due to her harmonica lesson today! She had her first session with Will last week and she is really Mother and daughter with tablet 2enjoying her introduction to using a harmonica. We have practised her homework for this week, which was Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and logged onto the website to listen to the C Scale notes. I have been practising too; what an enjoyable hobby this is!

After spending all day working on a computer and talking to people, it has been a most relaxing experience –¬†so much so, I’m going to get a harmonica myself.¬†I would encourage people of all ages to give this hobby a try. It’s most enjoyable to hear a tune that you can smile about. I’m trying When The Saints Go Speedy Pink 2Marching In!¬† Richard¬†was most helpful in discussing the various payment options and¬†details of my daughter’s¬†taster session. He’s a most accommodating person who certainly has the people skills to manage anyone’s expectations.¬†A superb start to a fascinating musical instrument.

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